Purchasing a Bag Snagger

Here are the current prices for the Bag Snagger:

Basic Unit (12-foot telescoping fiberglass pole with the attached steel Snagger grapnel): $230.00

Additional 6-foot extension poles: $46.00 each.

Pro Snagger Set includes the Basic Unit plus four extension poles: $389.00 (a $25.00 discount over individual pieces). Includes a cloth cord for transporting.

Pocket Snagger Set, which is 4-foot instead of 6-foot poles, is also $389.00, but also includes a cloth carrying case for transporting. The Pocket Snagger will fit in the trunk of your car!

UPS shipping charges are about $50.00 per set.

Many people ask about the weight of the Bag Snagger. For the 6-foot version, the basic unit is approximately 4 lbs., and extension poles weigh about 1.5 lbs. each. This gives a total weight of about 10 lbs for a complete Bag Snagger set. A complete 4-foot "Pocket Snagger" set (basic unit plus four extension poles) weighs between 7-8 lbs.

At the present time we do not offer credit card purchases, but we do accept business and personal checks and will bill you for your purchase.

The easiest way to purchase a Bag Snagger is to call us at 201-854-7483 or send an email to We'll give you complete details and specs and take your order. Delivery times can vary, but you should expect to receive your Bag Snagger in 1-2 weeks.

You may also write to us at:

Bag Snaggers, Inc.
101 74th Street, Suite 4
North Bergen, NJ 07047

We look forward to hearing from you.